Damn you autocorrect i m gay

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Skinnyvscurvy is a place full of celebrity body types. Before I ever do anything, I’ll make sure I run it by you and make sure it’s okay. What is the stupidest rule you ever had to follow? : AskRedditSo I had to leave school early for a cross country meet, missing gym. Because I missed gym, I had to make it up after school one day so I missed cross country practice. The makeup gym class was to walk a mile. So I missed. God damn it autocorrect.God damn it autocorrect.. . Bear , AT M Mint Have I Ever Meant ' ... Ironically, you meant it thereScarlett Johansson Does New Naked PhotoAt least this time Scarlett is sporting some erotic pubic hair over her disgus. There I said it.I am not ashamed of it. You see that you fucking imposter? I Love Hashim!. Im still laughing about all the arab idiots believers! such a rubbish.